Cimet is Slovenian for cinnamon – and like each cinnamon stick, these decorative crafts are unique and precious, they are the little touch of magic that makes you feel special.

  • 07 Oct

    The endless possibilities

    Cimet has its second video! This time we played with the endless possibilities of  the use of a Cimet scarf. Enjoy and let me know if you use it in an even different way! Thanks to my very dear and talented friend mrs. Adamič. *

  • 11 Sep

    Indian summer collection

    My new collection “Indian Summer” is finally here! <3 This year’s summer collection decided to enjoy her summer sunbathing and relaxing. So she is making her debut in this perfect indian summer time. ♥ Stay tuned!

  • 18 Dec

    All you knit is love ♥

    My dear friends, I present you Cimet’s first video! ♥ With my very dear and talented friend mrs. Adamič we cought on tape a story of a winter scarf, from a wool to some serious knitting, making of a name tag for a scarf and its final look. A big thank you also to Jure, […]

Cimet is a touch of craft that keeps your heart warm.

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